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International students can apply for Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships to pursue a master’s degree at any recognized university outside of the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, and Ireland.

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships

Each year, the Aga Khan Foundation awards a limited number of postgraduate scholarships to outstanding students from select developing countries who have no other means of funding their studies, with the goal of developing effective scholars and leaders and preparing them for employment, primarily within the AKDN. Scholarships are provided on a 50/50 grant/loan basis once a year in June or July through a competitive application process.

  • Program: Masters / PhD
  • Deadline: March 31, 2023

The Foundation prioritizes requests for Master’s level courses, but will consider PhD applications only in the event of exceptional students who have been highly recommended for doctorate study by their professors and who require a PhD to achieve their career goals (academic or research oriented).

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Short-term course applications are not considered, nor are applications by students who already begun their studies.

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships Benefits

The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships provide the following incentives to the recipient:

  • The Foundation exclusively helps students with their tuition and living expenses.
  • PhD students are only given funding for the first two years of their studies, after which they are expected to find other sources of support.
  • Financial aid is given based on the needs of the students.
  • Applicants are encouraged to seek financial assistance from other sources as well, in order to keep the amount asked from the Foundation to a bare minimum.
  • Those who were able to acquire some support from alternate sources are given priority.

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Courses offered include:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Rural development
  • Institution building
  • Economic development
  • Agriculture and food security
  • Civil society
  • Enterprise development
  • Financial inclusion
  • Habitat
  • Historic cities
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Industrial development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Media
  • Music
  • Tourism promotion

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Loan Conditions

Half of the scholarship money is considered a loan, and it must be repaid with a 5% yearly service charge. The loan agreement must be co-signed by a guarantor. The repayment period is five years, beginning six months following the Aga Khan Foundation-funded study period.

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships Requirements

Candidates must meet all of the following requirements to be considered for Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships:

  • Required Language: As determined by the requirements of the chosen institute.
  • Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, and Mozambique are among the nations that the Foundation accepts applications from. Applicants from one of the above developing countries who are interested in development-related studies and have no other means of financing their education are accepted in France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada.
  • Excellent academic records on a consistent basis.
  • Genuine financial difficulty.
  • Acceptance to a prestigious university or program of study.
  • The field of study’s relevance to AKDN’s focus areas.
  • Having well-thought-out and well-coordinated educational and career goals.
  • Their extracurricular interests and accomplishments, as well as their ability to attain their objectives and chances of success in a foreign academic setting.
  • Applicants should have a few years of professional experience in their chosen field.
  • Students under the age of 30 are given priority.

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How to Apply Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships 2023

How can I apply for International Scholarships from the Aga Khan Foundation? To apply for Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships, please follow the guidelines below:

  • You should have an offer to study at the university of your choice.
  • Obtain an application form from the Aga Khan Foundation or Aga Khan Education Services / Boards in your present place of residence.
  • Completed the application and returned it to the agency where it was obtained. It is not necessary to send them to Geneva.

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Please visit the official website of the Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships for additional information.

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