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Applications are currently ongoing for the Bocconi University Scholarships for international students. This article will go through the details of the scholarship program, its benefits, and the application process in depth.

International students are invited to apply for the Bocconi University fully funded Scholarships for international students for the 2023-2024 academic year. These scholarships cover both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and include a full tuition reduction of up to € 12,000 per year for undergraduate studies and € 13,000 per year for postgraduate studies as well as accommodation.

The University has long been committed to an investment program that supports these students, with the goal of making higher education accessible to all brilliant and deserving students. This ever-expanding financial aid system is merit-based as well as need-based.

  • Program: Undergraduate and Master’s
  • Deadline: April/May 2023

These scholarships are given out based on academic performance. Bocconi University is committed to providing outstanding higher education to exceptional students. The scholarships assist recipients with significant financial support, ensuring that students can benefit from a high-quality educational experience regardless of their financial circumstances.

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Bocconi goes beyond credentials to push you to discover more about yourself.

The principles of social and economic progress guided the founding of Bocconi University. The university continues to encourage students to pursue their goals while preserving strong ethics and values.

Our programs help students who want to learn and improve both inside and outside of the classroom. From sports clubs like football, basketball, and water polo to performing arts, yoga, and relaxation techniques, we offer a variety of extracurricular programs that help to improve confidence, leadership, and team-working skills.

We are located in a culturally rich city, and our students have access to a world of art, music, and drama. Every year, in conjunction with renowned artists and important galleries, our Bocconi Art Gallery initiative shines a light on contemporary art.

Our students graduate with a high-quality education and a broad awareness of the world’s wonders and opportunities.

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Bocconi University Scholarships 2023 Benefits

The following are the benefits of Bocconi University fully funded scholarships for international students:

  • The Bocconi International Award includes a tuition fee reduction of 50% for both undergraduate and master’s students.
  • The Merit Award comes with a full tuition waiver for up to €12,000 per year for undergraduate studies and €13,000 per year for Master’s studies. A select group of students may be offered free housing in one of the Bocconi Residences.
  • If the requisite minimum students ’ academic performance is met, the awards will be automatically extended for a maximum of two years for undergraduate students or one year for master’s students.

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Bocconi University Scholarships Requirements

Candidates must meet all of the following requirements to be considered for Bocconi University Scholarships for international students:

  • English is required.
  • All countries in the world are eligible.
  • Outstanding international applicants admitted to the first year of a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at Bocconi and whose academic profile is considered to be among the top applicants will be considered for a Bocconi Merit and International Awards based on the admissions application submitted to Bocconi University.

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How to Apply for Bocconi University Scholarships

How can I apply for the Bocconi University scholarships? To apply for this scholarship, please follow the steps below:

  • You must apply to a Bocconi University undergraduate or graduate program.
  • There will be no need to submit a separate scholarship application.
  • The candidate’s academic performance will be the primary criterion for evaluation.
  • The whole dossier submitted to the Admissions office will be reviewed in addition to academic success.

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Please visit the official websites for further information about Bocconi University Scholarships.

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