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MOFCOM China Scholarship 2023 | How to Apply

Applications are currently ongoing for the MOFCOM Scholarship 2023. We will go over the details of this scholarship program, its features, and the application process in this article.

International students are invited to apply for the fully funded MOFCOM scholarship 2023 in China. These scholarships are for master’s and doctorate degrees students. MOFCOM Scholarships for International Students are worth ¥36000 per year for master’s students and ¥42000 per year for doctoral students.

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Since 2008, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China has sponsored Academic Education Programs aimed at developing top cadre business officials and managerial personnel from recipient countries, offering one-year or two-year master’s programs as well as three-year doctoral programs.

The MOFCOM Scholarship 2023 (Fully Funded) China provides one-year or two-year master’s programs, as well as three-year doctoral programs, to top-level personnel working in government, trade, foreign affairs, agriculture, technology, education, culture, and health, with the goal of developing intellectual capacity and assisting recipient countries’ economic and social development.

These programs help government officials, research fellows, and senior management employees study in China for their master’s and doctoral degrees. The programs are conducted entirely in English. A bachelor’s degree, suitable work experience, and good health are all required for admission to the high-complexity curriculum programs.

MOFCOM China Scholarship Universities 2023

  1. Peking University
  2. Tsinghua University
  3. Renmin University of China
  4. Beijing Normal University
  5. Beijing Jiaotong University
  6. University of International Business and Economics
  7. Beihang University
  8. Nankai University
  9. Tianjin University
  10. Jilin University
  11. Fudan University
  12. Shanghai Jiaotong University
  13. Tongji University
  14. East China Normal University
  15. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  16. Nanjing University
  17. Zhejiang University
  18. Xiamen University
  19. Shandong University
  20. Wuhan University
  21. Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  22. Wuhan University of Technology
  23. Sun Yat-sen University
  24. Southwest Jiaotong University
  25. Xi’an Jiaotong University
  26. Harbin Institute of Technology
  27. Zhejiang Normal University.

MOFCOM China Scholarship Benefits

The MOFCOM Scholarship 2023 will cover the following expenses:

  • Tuition, teaching materials, research and investigation expenses, English teaching subsidies, and thesis guidance fees are all waived.
  • On-campus housing is available for free.
  • ¥6000 per year for master’s degree students; ¥42000 per year for doctoral degree students living allowance.
  • ¥3000 each person as a settlement allowance.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance is available in China.
  • International round-trip flight for free: 1 free round-trip international air ticket for students studying for one year; 1 free round-trip international air ticket + n-1(n for the number of schooling years) time(s) of round-trip air ticket for going home to see relatives for students studying for two years or more.
  • All degree students must participate in the annual review, and those who pass the academic performance assessment can keep their full scholarship for the second year.
  • Other costs are administered by the Ministry of Commerce or the institution and are not allocated to the students. Only students in the academic system are eligible for support from the Ministry of Commerce. The student whose graduation has been postponed will no longer be eligible for financial aid.

MOFCOM China Scholarship 2023 Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the MOFCOM Scholarship 2023, candidates must meet all of the requirements listed below:

  • English is a required language.
  • All countries in the world are eligible.
  • Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health under the age of 45 from developing countries.
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher is required, as well as three or more years of work experience.
  • Applicants who have professional learning or work experience related to the program and are still in service will be preferred.
  • Public officials at the department level or higher (or corresponding levels) of the home country’s government, senior management personnel of various institutions and enterprises, or academic backbones of universities and scientific research institutions are required.
  • Applicants must be fluent in English and use English for specialty course work. (Reference Standard: IELTS 6.0 or higher overall band score, or new TOEFL 80 or higher.)
  • All applicants must be in good physical and mental health. It is necessary to have a health certificate or a medical report issued by a local public hospital. The applicants must not have any diseases that are prohibited by China’s Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Laws and Regulations from entering or staying in China for an extended period of time, such as severe hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, other chronic diseases, mental disorders, or infectious diseases that may have a serious impact on public health. Applicants who are recovering from a major surgery, have an acute disease, or have severe disabilities will not be considered. In China, pregnant women are not permitted to participate in training. The Applicant will be expelled from school if she becomes pregnant while studying in China.
  • Students who have previously studied in China or who have been accepted into other Chinese government scholarship programs are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must have the ability to advance their careers in this field and intend to promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between their home country and China.

How to Apply for MOFCOM Scholarship 2023

How Can I Apply for MOFCOM Scholarship? To apply for the MOFCOM Scholarship 2023, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. You must submit an application for admission to the university via the university’s official website.
  2. After that, you must prepare the following documents in order to apply for the scholarship:
    • Prepare an original copy as well as a photocopy of each document (Physical Examination Form)
    • English Language Proficiency Test Results
    • International Passport Photocopy
    • Study Plan
    • CV/Résumé
    • Statement of Interest
    • Official Transcripts
    • Certificates
    • Letter of Recommendation
  3. To apply for the scholarship, you must first create an account.
  4. Sign in and complete the scholarship application with the following information (Personal Details, Choose the Correct “Program Category,” Enter the Correct Agency Number, and Enter Application Information).
  5. The application can be found in the top right corner of the page.
  6. Download the form by clicking “Print the Application Form.”
  7. Submit the scholarship application in accordance with the dispatching authorities’ requirements.

Note: Before submitting an online application, the applicant should double-check with the respective authorities that the Program Category and Agency Number are correct. Please go to the official website for an overview of the numerous scholarship opportunities available under the CSC system.

Please visit the official website of MOFCOM Scholarship for further information.

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